About Us

Sarah and Ravi met at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) takin the Diploma in Tropical Nursing (teaching nurses how to work internationally). They both went into nursing partly for the humanitarian aspect – helping those who needed it the most. Fittingly enough, this would be the basis for their relationship and the past few years they have gathered experience working in South Sudan, Rwanda, Tanzania, Saudi Arabia, Northern Canada and Sweden.

We strongly believe in the power of humanity, and the power of every person to bring hope to any situation.

When we heard from our friend, who is working in Lesvos now, that unconscious children had arrived and that there was an urgent need for anyone with CPR skills to help, that was the final straw. With refugees on our doorstep, we wanted to be a cold drop on a hot stone, and make whatever difference we could.


We will be providing direct on the ground medical care and assistance to refugees as they arrive on the shores of Lesvos.

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