We live in a small village. Small enough that everyone knows everything about everyone. The kind of place where the only shops are the bakery, the butcher, a pub, vegetable shop, fish and chips place, and a convenience store.

It’s the kind of place where the post-woman knows you and crosses the street to tell you that dozens of packages have arrived and been stuffed into your shed.

“Christmas is coming, I guess. Some of those packages had a really strong rattle though,” she said to me, egging me on to explain what was in the boxes.

Oh great, that would be our resuscitation masks!” She stops walking, mid-stride and turns around to face me.

Not christmas presents, really, but thank you!” I holler, jogging down the hill to our place.

We’ve had years of NGO experience and budget management in different organizations and knew that accountability had to be our calling card.

The supplies we get are all of ours. You bought these. 

Our goals are simple:

Treat dehydration, hypothermia, minor injuries, minor illness and any emergency resuscitation (CPR).

We contacted local groups of volunteers to ask what we should bring, and what we could source to help the local economy in Greece. With the numbers of refugees in October in the hundreds of thousands, we know that the supplies we can bring are limited. While we have sourced the following, we’re also sending a pallet of supplies that include emergency blankets, extra dressings and anything we can’t carry.

The pallet has just left the yard (special thanks to our good friend for arranging this!), has 660 heavy duty large thermal blankets, 300 silver foil thermal blankets and 360 baby thermal foil sleeping bags.

pallet of medical supplies

Let’s go through some of the essentials we’ll be taking with us:

  1. Radiant-TH809-Ear-Thermometer-IMGSU235 Thermometer: Assessing and Treating Hypothermia.
  2. imgres IV Cannulas: Treating severe dehydration.
  3. images An assortment of plasters for minor cuts, abrasions, lacerations and wounds.
  4. 31XcuhzILfL._SY300_Tuff cut clothing scissors: To help quickly take off wet clothing and replace with dry, warm clothing and an emergency warming blanket.

Itemized End of medical supplies


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